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By Carolyn Ali,

Customer Reviews

Favourite Sushi

Temaki by far is my favourite sushi joint. The restaurant is clean and well organised with a bit of ambiance - unlike most sushi dives where you usually want to order take-out and don't want to drink from the glasses.

The service is attentive and fast with very friendly servers.

The food is divine, the fish is fresh and good value-for-money.

I really enjoy the bento box - it has the best teryiaki chicken in Vancouver - not too much sauce, crisp and perfect. the gyozo, tempuru, salad and rolls are delish too. I recommend Temaki to anyone wanting good quality sushi.

A New Favorite!

Came here for dinner after hearing great things. Walked in and were greeted and sat right away. The room itself is bright and clean, not your typical japanese restaurant. I've driven by hundreds of times but assmumed it was really expensive but it was the complete opposite. The service was really friendly and fast. The sashimi was unlike any I've had, espescially paying those prices. Our whole dining experience was lovely. The value for what you get is fantastic and the quality in the product really showed. We ran into friends that were about to dine and they too have been long time customers. I will definalty be back!

Nice fish, good value, great service

Went here the other night for the first time, the restaurant was busy but the staff were cheerful and seated us quickly.

Ordered tempura, plus a selection of rolls and nigiri. The tempura was perfect, especially considering the prices, $1-2 per piece for high quality nigiri is very good value.

Solid Experience

I go to Temaki Sushi maybe once a month. They exhibit solid, constant quality. Especially their special rolls and prawn tempura are one of the best among the same kinds.

Best Quality Sushi I've Found in Vancouver

I'm so lucky to live a few blocks from one of the best sushi restaurants in Vancouver.

Some of my favourite dishes are the tuna/salmon spicy sashimi, with their homemade chili sauce, its excellent. I also love the Saba, pretty much any piece of fish there is excellent, although unagi lacks a bit, I personally like mine hot off the grill.

The rolls are tight, the pieces are perfect and this is the BEST sushi restaurant in Vancouver.

If you're looking for quality fish at the same prices as most other average places then you'll love Temaki.

Regular Hours:
Monday - Saturday
Lunch: 11:30 - 3:00pm
Dinner: 5:00 - 10:00pm
Sunday: Closed
Holidays: Closed
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